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HMRC’s Card Transaction Programme

The Card Transaction Programme is one of HMRC’s current campaigns. HMRC are always running campaigns to try to get taxpayers to declare underpayments – it’s part of their big drive to close the estimated tax gap of over £30bn (the tax gap is the difference between what they think they should collect and what they[…] Read more »

Requirement To Correct regulations

With the recent release of the Paradise Papers and the Panama Papers prior to that, offshore tax avoidance and evasion has rarely been out of the news. Something is coming from HMRC and it’s something everyone with offshore earnings or assets needs to be aware of. You must comply with it by the end of[…] Read more »

Start-up and early-stage business funding from the government

A government initiative means that your business could receive a loan of up to £100,000. As long as you’ve haven’t launched yet, or you’ve been trading for less than two years, your company could be eligible. The Start Up Loans Company A subsidiary of the British Business Bank, The Start Up Loans Company (TSULC) was[…] Read more »

The Carter Collins & Myer UK Budget Summary

Welcome to CCM’s Budget 2017 summary examining the impact of Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond’s speech to a packed House of Commons last week. Financial commentators were expecting a Budget short on surprises this time around. Inflation is rising faster than wages at the moment so people are feeling the squeeze. Because of this,[…] Read more »

Don’t forget the 3% Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) surcharge

Don’t forget the 3   The Autumn Budget removes the charge to SDLT for transactions completed on or after 22nd November 2017 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland buyers on the purchase of a first property, if the purchase price is £300,000 or less.  If the purchase price is between £300,000 and £500,000 the first[…] Read more »

RE: Hammond, May and the packet of cough sweets. Optimistic vision or missed opportunities?

What was your most interesting part of yesterday’s budget?  For us at CCM it was the focus Philip Hammond gave to the housing market with the £44 billion capital and loans investment and the anticipated 5 new garden towns.  A much needed boost to the housing market and also a commitment to training the trades[…] Read more »

A gap to the value of 365 schools

According to a report that was initiated by the House of Commons Library for the Labour party, more than £2 billion was lost – each year, between 2010 and 15 – by both individuals and corporations trying to, shall we say, boost their tax efficiencies. A figure that’s equivalent to the cost – according to[…] Read more »

Four crucial points – courtesy of Accountancy Age – about tax avoidance

HMRC is getting tough – any scheme that claims to help businesses reduce their tax liability is subject to investigation. It can be hard to recognise a tax avoidance scheme, but the government advises people to be wary of schemes that sound too good to be true, those that offer seemingly huge benefits with very[…] Read more »

Thinking of striking out on your own but no idea how or where to start?

Take inspiration from these 5 entrepreneurial spirits. And full marks for anyone who can come up with a better business than “The Complaining Cow”! https://www.theguardian.com/money/2017/sep/30/turn-hobby-into-business-earning-living

(Business) Life Begins at 40

So, life begins at 40. We all know that. But what about business? Well, research suggests that 40 may be the magic number when it comes to striking out on your own, too. A report commissioned by Sandler Training found that the average age of an entrepreneur in the UK is 47 – 46 for[…] Read more »

And we perform three services:

  • Accountancy & Taxation
    Every business has a statutory obligation to produce annual accounts for the relevant authorities i.e. HM Revenue & Customs and Companies House. Every accountant will offer to help with this but - at Carter, Collins & Myer Limited - we aim to go one step further - See our A-Z here to see why!
  • Healthcare Professionals
    Having come from a family of medics, Rob Newman is today a specialist medical accountant - and with the team at Carter, Collins & Myer Limited has developed a deep knowledge of the financial concerns you face. Read more...
  • Business Sales, Finance and Consultancy
    Every business wants to make more profit - our profit improvement health-check is a great starting point, to help you to unlock the potential in your business.

    We can offer advice about implementing the steps that are required to get you from where you are now to where you would like to be. Join other Carter, Collins & Myer Limited clients who have been staggered by the potential in their business! Read more...
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