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As Personal Trainers guide you to improve your physical health, Business Coaches works to improve your business self, helping you to see the wood from the trees and leading you through the “stuff” that’s holding you back.

At Carter Collins & Myer, both Andrew Barker and Rob Newman work with a small number of clients to improve their time management, business strategy, business culture, marketing and sales processes and their understanding of the key drivers of their business.

The processes used are highly structured, drawing on the professional experience and academic learning of both Andrew and Rob, but also flexible enough to be bespoke to each client who’s asked for help.

Typical coaching programs can range from one off "master sessions," through biannual meetings, or training courses, webinars, a regular coffee catch up or even weekly calls!

If you’d like to talk about how Business Coaching could work for you, call 01706 860 255 and ask for Andrew or Rob.

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