James Green - Senior Associate

With his sharp mind and attention to detail, James has become an invaluable member of the CCM | Carter, Collins & Myer team.

He joined the company in 2011 with a determination to succeed, and he's definitely delivered on that promise. Over the years, he's honed his skills, worked closely with experienced colleagues, and taken on more and more responsibility, eventually becoming a senior member of the team.

But James doesn't just bring his technical expertise to the table. He's also a gifted mentor, known for his ability to guide and motivate his team members, and for his unwavering commitment to helping clients navigate the often-complex world of accounting and compliance. He takes a personal interest in each and every one of his clients, always looking for ways to make their lives easier and relieve the stress that comes with running a business. With James on their side, clients can rest easy knowing that their finances are in good hands.